About Us

We are a growing group of concerned Montgomery County, MD residents who oppose the rapid rollout of a dense network of “small” cell antennas for current 4G and 5G, and future 6G wireless technologies emitting radio frequency (RF) radiation, without proper investigation into their effects on the environment and the health of humans and wildlife. We are concerned about orders from the FCC (a revolving-door captured agency) and other federal restrictions that aim to strip away local authority over cell tower siting and prevent using health concerns in decision making. The FCC’s recent big loss in court proves what residents warned all along: The Council can’t trust the FCC’s safety standards for wireless radiation to protect our families. A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC failed to show that its 25-year-old safety limits for wireless radiation are based on science! Residents have asked the Council to wait for the FCC to justify or provide a reasoned explanation based on science for its RF limits.

Update: The Council did not wait for the FCC and did not listen to residents. ZTA 22-01 was passed on October 25, 2022. SIGN THE PETITION TO FIX THIS!

We provide Montgomery County, MD residents with resources and opportunities to explore the wide range of public-interest issues posed by 5G and other wireless technologies and to exercise their democratic rights as savvy participants in decision-making about the future of those technologies in our community and across the nation.

Our Mission:

To provide information about the risks from these antennas and other related technologies infringing on our homes and public spaces — including the growing research evidence about the health risks of continuous exposures to pulsed, data-modulated, Radio Frequency, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR), as well as the threat to our privacy;

To help all members of our community know their rights and organize to protect these rights, and the health and safety of ourselves, our families, and our shared environment; and

To engage our towns and cities in Montgomery County, the State of Maryland, and federal governments in advocating for the protection of the health and safety of residents and the environment in their laws, policies, and regulations on these matters.

We oppose the roll-out of 5G small cell antenna installations, and the densification of 4G wireless antenna installations, near homes, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and recreation areas until hazards for human health, wildlife, and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from the telecommunications industry. We recognize that the companies selling or standing to profit from these technologies are not able to address in an unbiased way the many questions about the related risks and harms—including issues of health, safety, privacy, and the social, ecological, psychological, economic, and political impacts. We also recognize that the federal government does not allow local jurisdictions to consider health reasons in their small cell antenna permitting processes. This means that Montgomery County is not allowed to take the health of its residents into account when reviewing permits. We seek to balance the plenitude of information promising benefits that these for-profit interests provide to residents and our elected officials with an alternative source of information that pays attention to the risks and harms these technologies may pose to the public interest. Our goal: Empower Montgomery County, MD residents to become savvy leaders in wisdom-guided democratic deliberations about whether and how to adopt these unprecedented technologies in our own community and across the nation.

Join us in our efforts:

Sign the Petition to Reform Cell Tower Regulation in Montgomery County


The information provided here was gathered by Maryland residents and is publicly available on the internet. Content is intended as a starting point to inform you of 5G, small cell deployment, EMF risks and the un-democratic dynamics impacting our communities around the country and the world. We encourage you to do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and act accordingly to protect yourself and those you love.