Tell MoCo Council: Don’t Weaken Cell-Tower Rules — Especially Not While Major Cases Challenging the FCC’s Outdated Safety Standards are Being Litigated

Why would the County rush to allow tens of thousands of new residential cell towers under the FCC’s lax safety standards from 1996— BEFORE a court decision in a promising legal challenge to get the FCC to finally update them?

Don’t MoCo residents deserve up-to-date protections?

The case — Environmental Health Trust et al v. FCC — would push the FCC to finally re-align its exposure limits for radio-frequency radiation from cell towers, cellphones, and other wireless devices with the latest science.

As lead sponsor again, Hans Riemer, with this proposed legislation, makes his fourth attempt over the past three years, to make it faster, cheaper, and easier for Big Wireless to install bulky, high-powered wireless antenna transmitters and related equipment as close as 30 feet, and sometimes closer, to single-family zoned homes.

We need your support to STOP ZTA 19-07 once and for all!  

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