Tell the MoCo Council to First Fix Process for Reviewing and Approving Cell Poles — A MoCo Resident’s Plea

Rick Meyer, President of Montgomery County Coalition for the Control of Cell Towers, describes issues with the cell tower permitting process and mistakes made.

Watch Rick Meyer’s Testimony on YouTube.

Montgomery Co. family got a 68′ cell tower in their front yard because of a mistake. Nine years later it’s still there despite her and her neighbors’ attempts at seeking remedy and testifying before the Montgomery County Council.

Watch Vicki Huo’s 2021 Testimony on YouTube.
Watch Vicki Huo’s 2019 Testimony on YouTube.
Watch Vicki Huo’s 2018 Testimony on YouTube.

Vicki Huo testimony image
“I believe the Council should make no changes to residential cell tower zoning rules until you fully fix the process for reviewing and approving cell poles.”

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