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5G WebinarWhat are the Health and Environmental Effects of 5G Deployment in Montgomery County Maryland and How Will the County Council Proposed Zoning Affect Our Neighborhoods?
  • Speaker: Theodora Scarato, Director of the Environmental Health Trust
  • Date: Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021
  • Time: 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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What You Need to Know About Montgomery County, 5G and the New Zoning ZTA 19-07

The Montgomery County Council has proposed a new zoning ordinance named ZTA 19-07 which allows 4G and 5G so called “small” cell towers to be deployed just 30 feet from your home.  The street lights and utility poles in front of your home will be able to be replaced with 5G cell towers without any notice sent to you, nor public hearing required so long as the pole is at least 30 feet from your home.
A Montgomery County Maryland group MoCoSafeG  has invited Theodora Scarato to speak about the health and environmental issues related to 5G and 4G antenna densification.
Research shows that unfettered 5G deployment would greatly increase the greenhouse gas emissions which are driving the climate crisis. Solutions exist to provide internet connections without forcing these cell towers into neighborhoods. Fiber networks are ten times more energy efficient, have no health risks, are cheaper and offer greater privacy protection.
Published research reviews warn that cell tower radiation can harm bees, birds, treesplants and wildlife. There are further substantial impacts to the tree canopy and wildlife from the digging and tree trimming necessary to deploy all of these antennas.
The cellular antennas on these poles will transmit radio frequency microwave (RF/MW) radiation 24/7 which has never been safety tested on people for long term exposure. Many doctors and scientists recommend a halt to 5G until safety research is performed due to the substantial body of research that already exists indicating current 3G and 4G technology is harmful at legal levels.  This issue is the center of a lawsuit in federal court launched by Environmental Health Trust-  now awaiting a court verdict.
Learn about the latest proposed cell tower zoning for Montgomery County and why doctors recommend caution.  Get your questions answered in this informative session on March 30th,  Monday at 7:00pm with expert Theodora Scarato MSW, Executive Director of the scientific think tank Environmental Health Trust.
Date: March 30th, Tuesday at 7:00pm
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