URGENT: 2 CLICKS TODAY to Stop a New Bill on Cell Towers In Front Of Homes

Don’t let this happen in Montgomery County, MD. Take action now.

Don’t want a cell tower 30 feet from your bedroom window?

Click the 2 links below to help defeat ZTA 22-01

The County Council is at it again. They want to pass yet another bill to make it even easier to build thousands of additional cell towers 30 feet from homes, on existing utility or light poles. This new bill comes despite adopting ZTA 19-07 last year, a zoning law the Council pushed through for the wireless industry over residents’ intense objections.

Two things to do NOW to stop this:


Tell Council President Gabe Albornoz (At-Large) and the rest of the lame-duck Council to cancel the hearing on ZTA 22-01 and allow the incoming Council to consider any changes to the zoning code. (The lead sponsor of 22-01 lost in his primary election bid, but is intent on one more handout to the wireless industry before leaving office this winter.

2. ALSO CLICK HERE to SIGN UP NOW for the wait list to speak against ZTA 22-01 at the Council’s Public Hearing on Sept. 13th.

The Council plans to allow only about 6 residents to speak for just 2 minutes each at a very short hearing on Sept. 13th. Show them that hundreds of us oppose this bad bill by making this a very long wait list!


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