MD5G Partnership Deleted Tweet After Resident Pointed Out the False Claims

The Tweet shown in this screen capture was deleted after a Montgomery County resident pointed out the false claim.


Their next tweet wasn’t any better.

Your bogus @amcancersociety “quote” was hastily taken down. And, this new messaging angle FAILS to mention that DC Circuit ruled current RF standards are “arbitrary and capricious.” @MoCoCouncilMD So, maybe try again @MD5GPartnership?? @Steve_Bohnel

“…[I obviously, I did not support 19-07 you know, along with Councilmember Katz and I didn’t support it because of the pending litigation] … [asked the FCC to update those regulations regarding health] …[and if we get that information we’ll need to – if it changes anything we need to take action]…”

false claims
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Councilmember Hans Riemer.
In a news report Hans Riemer said, "Go ahead and accept it because the FCC requires it".
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