New Petition: Repeal ZTA 19-07 and ZTA 22-01. Effects are harmful to residents and neighborhoods

October 25, 2022. A sad day. Thrive 2050 and ZTA 22-01 were both passed by the Montgomery County Council. This is not over! We will not stand by and allow cell towers 30 feet from our homes! We won’t stand for gentrification and displacement!

“Shame on all of you — we hold you accountable,” yelled a woman in the audience after the vote for ZTA 22-01.

We are stronger together and we will be heard!! @MoCoCouncilMD get use to using that gavel. — EPICofMoCo (@EPICofMoCo) October 25, 2022

Two important actions you can take:

  1. Sign the new petition to repeal ZTA19-07 and ZTA 22-01 (link below), and
  2. Vote by Nov. 8: View our updated 2022 General Election Voter Guide (link below).


The Montgomery County Council has passed new zoning that allows cell towers 30 feet from houses and apartments and removes residents previous rights to notice and hearings — eliminating the community from the decision making process.

Use this link to “ADD YOUR NAME” to sign our petition!

Dear Incoming County Council and the County Executive,

We urge you to:

1. Take action to immediately repeal ZTA 19-07 and ZTA 22-01, which allow cell towers 30 feet from homes.

2. Reform wireless zoning and regulation in Montgomery County, with input from residents.

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UPDATED: General Election 2022 – Voter Guide

Don’t want cell towers 30 feet (or less) from your bedroom?
VOTE! BY November 8, 2022

Voter Guide to candidates who support residents’ interests when it comes to cell towers

County Council and County Executive general election, Montgomery County, MD

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