Take 1 Minute Action to Strengthen Cell Tower Rules! (By 3/31/23)

20 years ago.

March 25, 2003.

That was the last time the County updated its rules for reviewing cell tower applications.

And the process is notoriously opaque and residents are largely excluded from participating.

Thankfully, the County Executive is now proposing to revise these outdated regulations.

Click here BEFORE the deadline this Friday, March 31, to urge the County Executive to propose meaningful reform in how the County reviews applications — and bring greater transparency and public participation to the process.

This review process is more important than ever, as the number and complexity of applications is much higher than it was 20 years ago and is expected to increase even further. Last year’s Council passed a zoning change allowing cell towers just 30 feet from homes and apartments – making available tens of thousands of additional locations.

Click here BEFORE the deadline this Friday, March 31

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