Wyandotte Parents’ School Cell Tower Lawsuit updates include Monday’s June 12th Show Cause Hearing (with online access)

Below is a summary of legal actions and resources to-date regarding the Wyandotte, MI parents’ school cell tower lawsuit. (This summary provided by eyemind concepts.)


T-Mobile removed the Wyandotte case to federal court on Thu., 6/8/2023. The new case number is 2:23-cv-11362  Attorneys Castmore and Berg are going to seek to remand the case back to Wayne County Circuit Court after dealing with the TRO on Monday.

elected officials on the side of the plaintiffs and parents ––

State Rep. Jaime Churches, D-Wyandott and Sen. Darrin Camilleri, D-Trenton wrote a joint letter opposing the idea of long-term contracts signed by school districts. However, State Rep. Jaime Churches, D-Wyandotte has refused to co-sponsor the bill proposed by Rep. DeSana.

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