Election 2022 – Voter Guide

Updated voter guide for the general election!

Don’t want cell towers 30 feet (or less) from your bedroom?
VOTE! BY November 8, 2022

Voter Guide to candidates who support residents’ interests when it comes to cell towers
County Council and County Executive general election, Montgomery County, MD


Pledged specific actions to
prioritize residents’ interests
Supportive of residents’
None: No candidate

County Council At-large:
(Vote for up to 4 [1])

Lenard Lieber (R) Supportive
Laurie-Anne Sayles (D) Supportive

County Council District 1: None

County Council District 2: None

County Council District 3:
Sidney Katz (D) Supportive

County Council District 4:
Cheryl Riley (R) Pledged
Kate Stewart (D) Supportive

County Council District 5: None

County Council District 6: None

County Council District 7:
Harold Maldonado (R) Pledged

County Executive [2]:

Marc Elrich (D) Supportive


Prepared by residents for residents:
Montgomery County Coalition for the Control of Cell Towers



  • See https://techwisemocomd.org/election-2022/ for complete pledge details.
  • Candidates who have voted against residents’ interests: Gabe Albornoz (D-At large), Evan Glass (D-At large), Andrew Friedson (D-District 1), Will Jawando (D-At large). Reardon Sullivan (R-County Executive) has said he agrees with their policy.
  • The following candidates kindly responded to our inquiry but did not take a position: Marilyn Balcombe (D-District 2) and Christopher Fiotes (R-At large).
  • Other candidates for County Council not listed above were contacted multiple times and did not reply.
  • Candidate positions based on their written statements, voting record, and statements in public forums.

1 In the at-large race, “bullet voting” (voting for fewer than 4 candidates) can help a voter’s favored candidate(s).

2 County Executive candidates were not asked to sign Council pledge. Mr. Elrich has a track record of supporting residents’ interests on wireless zoning: he proposed alternatives to ZTA 19-07 and opposed ZTA 22-01.

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