Montgomery County Itself Has Pointed to Potential Irreversible Health Risks of 5G

In 2019, Montgomery County’s own legal brief stated: “If the new 5G environment, in fact, poses health risks, any prior rollout of 5G will have potentially injured citizens of Montgomery County and other municipalities, including sensitive populations like children, that cannot be undone. Such a result would be unconscionable.”

(page 55) 19-70147 Montgomery County, Maryland v. FCC

Why then did the County Council switch gears and ram through two terrible Cell Tower Zoning Text Amendments (ZTAs)–ZTA 19-07 and ZTA 22-01–which will further erode residents rights and help to speed the construction of intrusive wireless infrastructure very close to dwellings? The Council majority showed a callous disregard of recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals D.C Circuit which found the FCC had failed to provide “scientific basis” for its 1996 RF emissions standards- as such small cells in close proximity to homes are NOT proven safe. 

MoCo Resident Cynthia Baughman- November 19, 2019 – Council Session – Evening Public Hearing (ZTA 19-07)

The below 4 clips are from the Massachusetts H. 2158 Electromagnetic Sensitivity Registry Bill Hearing, May 4, 2023 Fact Sheet

One thing the wireless industry never mentions in their advertising is that there are many health related downsides to implementing 5G, including:

  • You can’t trust the FCC’s safety standards. The FCC’s recent big loss in court proves what residents warned all along: The Council can’t trust the FCC’s safety standards for wireless radiation to protect our families. A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC failed to show that its 25-year-old safety limits for wireless radiation are based on science! Residents have asked the Council to wait for the FCC to justify or provide a reasoned explanation based on science for its RF limits. The Council ignored us.
  • The undue Influence of the Telecommunications and Wireless Industries on Policies & Research keeps the public in the dark about wireless radiation risks. The FCC, Telcom industry lobbyists, and industry consultants shield Telecom companies from safety concerns. Read ProPublica Article
  • Evidence from hundreds of studies, including the definitive NIH National Toxicology Program Study, show that wireless radiation, from 2G, 3G and 4G –– all below 5G, causes biological and environmental effects. There is “clear evidence” of cancer from cell phone level radiation exposure. 4G/5G densification will add significantly to current levels of radiation exposure. Read more..
  • Symptoms are being experienced by wireless deployments in other areas: firefighters suffered neurological damage, and injuries in Switzerland.
  • 256 leading scientists and experts in Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) from 44 nations have signed an Appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) asking for greater health protection on EMF exposure as of August 2022.
  • The insurance industry will not insure cell towers, antennas, poles, wires, and devices due to the health risks and damages from long term exposure.
  • As of September 2022, 302,301 signatories from 203 nations and territories have signed an Appeal to the UN, WHO, Council of Europe, and governments of all nations to halt the deployment of 5G wireless networks, including 5G from space satellites.
  • The insurance industry will not insure cell towers, antennas, poles, wires, and devices due to the health risks and damages from long term exposure.