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20 Council Candidates for Montgomery County, MD
Support Residents’ Interests in Regulating Cell Towers



July 7, 2022



10 candidates sign a strong pledge to prioritize residents’ interests,

10 additional candidates express support in written statements,

County Executive incumbent Marc Elrich has record of support


Rockville, MD – The Montgomery County Coalition for the Control of Cell Towers (MC4T) – a county-wide residents’ organization dedicated to fair, transparent, and accurate regulation of wireless facilities, today released a voter guide to candidates for County Council and County Executive. MC4T urges voters to consider these candidates’ support for residents on this issue.

The voter guide (attached) is largely based on Council candidates’ responses to a pledge proposed by resident groups that oppose a new zoning law. The law allows wireless facilities 30 feet from homes, with no notice or hearings. Ten candidates have affirmatively signed the strong pledge, committing to prioritize the interests of residents in the regulation of wireless facilities by:

  • Co-sponsoring a halt to implementation of the unpopular Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 19-07.
  • Opposing the proposed ZTA 22-01, which would worsen the impact of ZTA 19-07.
  • Convening a working group to advise on updates for zoning, regulations, and fees for wireless facilities – and co-sponsoring improved regulation based on its input.
  • Requiring that proposals for wireless facilities are subject to environmental impact assessment.
  • Supporting policies to ensure that wireless facilities do not violate County requirements.


Ten additional candidates expressed their support for residents’ input and interests in written position statements provided to MC4T, bringing the total to 20 candidates. That’s almost 40% of a crowded candidate field. These statements are available on the website below.

Candidates for County Executive were not asked to sign any pledge. Incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich is the only candidate for this office with a track record of supporting residents’ interests on this issue.

MC4T is a grassroots organization striving to protect and prioritize the interests of all County residents, regardless of their type of home – single-family, duplex, or multi-family buildings.

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