FCC’s recent big loss in court proves what residents warned all along: Montgomery County Council can’t trust the FCC’s safety standards from 1996 for wireless radiation to protect our families.

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Technology has changed a lot since 1996 when cell towers were away from homes & people. FCC's recent big loss in court proves what residents warned all along: Montgomery County Council can’t trust the FCC's safety standards from 1996 for wireless radiation to protect our families.

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MD5G Partnership Deleted Tweet After Resident Pointed Out the False Claims

The Tweet shown in this screen capture was deleted after a Montgomery County resident pointed out the false claim.


Their next tweet wasn’t any better.

Your bogus @amcancersociety “quote” was hastily taken down. And, this new messaging angle FAILS to mention that DC Circuit ruled current RF standards are “arbitrary and capricious.” @MoCoCouncilMD So, maybe try again @MD5GPartnership?? @Steve_Bohnel



“…[I obviously, I did not support 19-07 you know, along with Councilmember Katz and I didn’t support it because of the pending litigation] … [asked the FCC to update those regulations regarding health] …[and if we get that information we’ll need to – if it changes anything we need to take action]…”

false claims
See Also:
False claims by Cell Tower ZTA Sponsor
Councilmember Hans Riemer.
In a news report Hans Riemer said, "Go ahead and accept it because the FCC requires it".

U.S. National Toxicology Program Fact Sheet
Summarizes Results of Its 10 Years of Studying Radio-Frequency Radiation

Highlighting has been added to mark some key points in the document, especially about RF radiation in general and about 5G specifically. The document was last updated by the U. S. National Toxicology Program — a major federal, inter-agency program housed in the world-renowned U.S. National Institutes of Health — in August 2020. Especially worth noting about this 10-year, $30-million set of federal studies is this point: “. . . the studies question the long-held assumption that radio frequency radiation is of no concern as long as the energy level is low and does not significantly heat the tissues.” That’s the assumption that the FCC based its now 25-year-old limits for human exposure to RF radiation on.

Also, note the discussion about 5G on p. 4.  It clearly indicates that the federal scientists who have studied the biological effects of RF-radiation most closely aren’t sure what levels of exposure to 5G radiation at the frequency of millimeter waves would be safe. It also indicates that those scientists do not assume it would be safe at the levels FCC rules currently allow, because those rules rest on the old assumption that these studies challenge. In fact, it states that “scientists do not know if millimeter waves may cause toxicity in the skin and other human tissues.” Finally, it clearly indicates that more research is needed to figure that out — and to find out what would be safe exposure levels.

The question for the rest of us: Will we let the FCC force a premature roll out of 5G in every neighborhood of Montgomery County and the nation before we know the answers to those outstanding public-health questions?

(NOTE: This same fact sheet, without this explanatory annotation, is posted on the website of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences — the Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health where the NTP is headquartered. The NTP coordinates the evaluation of RF radiation and other potential toxins across relevant federal agencies, so its authority is especially pertinent on this issue.)

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Urgent Action: Cell Towers Coming to #MoCo Homes if ZTA 19-07 passes. Please share widely

Tech Wise MoCo MD news banner

Dear Mo Co Friends and Neighbors,

This is it! The Mo Co Council is set to hold a work session on ZTA 19-07 that, if passed:

  • Allows short “small” cell towers—also called wireless transmission facilities—to be placed as close as 30 feet—or less—from our homes.
  • Our street lights can be replaced with these cell towers.
  • Our utility poles can be replaced with these cell towers.
  • No required notice or public hearing so long as they are 30 feet from homes!

Opposed to the removal of our right to participate in the decision making process?

We need you to take action. Join us! Sign our petition to County leaders opposing the ZTA.

History of the bill

In January of this year Montgomery County Councilmember Hans Riemer re-introduced Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 19-07 that will allow small cell towers—also called wireless transmission facilities—to be placed as close as 30 feet—or less—from our homes. The PHED (Planning, Housing and Economic Development) Committee made additional changes that allowed existing street lights and utility poles to be replaced by stronger, wider poles to hold the cell antennas and heavy equipment. This bill has been rejected 5 times over the last 5 years but Councilmember Riemer keeps bringing it back.

Read MC4T’s SUMMARY OF What’s in ZTA 19-07: Montgomery County Council Poised to Vote on Radical ZTA 19-07 – IMPOSES CELL TOWERS NEAR HOMES – WITH NO MINIMUM SETBACKS!

We strongly oppose this bill and hope you will also.

Below are top issues raised around the World, the U.S. and by your Montgomery County neighbors about wireless installations—especially 5G—placed so close to homes:

  • Loss of local control over our historic rights of way in our own communities.
  • Eliminates resident voice in plans for cell towers; no resident notification and no public hearing required about cell towers in residential areas if placed 30 feet or more from homes.
  • Where 5G coverage is desired, it may be supplied from 5G signal transmitted from 3,000 feet up to 3 miles or more from antennas to homes.
  • 5G coverage already exists in many parts of the County. Check the coverage map for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.
  • 5G is NOT faster.
  • 5G has major cyber security problems by providing millions of entry points for hackers into key utilities and infrastructure.
  • 5G is designed to support 3 million wireless devices per square mile, digitizing our entire lives and monitoring behavior 24/7 with massive invasions of privacy–– a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • The NSA reports, “Focusing predominantly on 5G technology, the implications of privacy and security are contrasted across the competing requirements of high- speed, low-latency connectivity of billions of devices…the Internet is using much data about many people in many ways, and this raises privacy concerns.”
  • Concerns about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA).
  • “Small” cell antennas in front of houses reduce property values, according to the Montgomery County Property Tax Appeals Board.
  • The Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board for Montgomery County lowered a Rockville home’s assessment: “Comparables warrant a reduction in value. Probability of neighboring cell tower also affects value negatively.”
  • MoCo has demonstrated a total lack of transparency and accountability with these local cell towers so far; this will just get worse as the number of small cell antennas vastly expands.
  • Bias towards industry—and its 5G propaganda—is short-circuiting elected officials’ duty to prioritize public interests.
  • The insurance industry will not insure cell towers, antennas, poles, wires, and devices due to the health risks and damages from long term exposure.
  • 255 leading scientists and experts in Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) from 45 nations have signed an Appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) asking for greater health protection on EMF exposure as of January 14, 2021.
  • As of June 2021, 301,023 signatories from 214 nations and territories have signed an Appeal to the UN, WHO, Council of Europe, and governments of all nations to halt the deployment of 5G wireless networks, including 5G from space satellites.

Montgomery County residents have continuously and strongly opposed the previous as well as the current proposed ZTA. Here are video-recordings from the two most recent public hearings:

Watch these informative presentations on the issues surrounding the ZTA:

Join our Petition to STOP the Cell Tower ZTA 19-07. It just takes a minute!

You may also contact the Mo Co Councilmembers directly by phone or individual emails.

However you contact the Council, please make sure you do it TODAY!

Contact us to be added to our e-News & Action Alerts. We will post many updates, including on upcoming public hearings, in these alerts.


For those who have asked how to help, please contact us if you are interested in receiving flyers and yard signs for your neighborhood. We also have PDF flyers and handouts available to download.

Share this email with with your Mo Co friends and neighbors.

Thank you,

Team Tech Wise Mo Co MD

Tech Wise Montgomery County Maryland logo


Montgomery County Coalition to Protect Neighborhoods

Did you know up to 80,000+ 5G/6G low orbit satellites and millions of companion user terminals and gateway stations are on the way in the name of 5G?

We invite you to watch this shocking and informative presentation:

Ben Levi, Joe Sandri, Arthur Firstenberg and Julian Gresser discuss the growing problem of 5G satellites in space and what can be done. Presented by Americans for Responsible Technology.

Slideshow of key slides from the video.

Watch the Video.

Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration mentioned by Julian Gresser in the “Space Wars” video.


For more information: healthyheavenstrust.org

Update: March 11, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 11, 2021 — Scientists, Astronomers, National Security Experts Sue FCC Over Satellite Safety



Watch: New Video to Raise Awareness About 5G – WE DO NOT CONSENT

WE DO NOT CONSENT VIDEO – Please Share Widely

Please enjoy and share widely!! It will hopefully both raise awareness about 5G and inspire.
Panelists will discuss satellites, the internet’s footprint, EMF science, privacy, loss of local control, effects on wildlife, and the interplay of science and policy.



Saturday, April 25th 18:00 UK; 1:00 pm EST; 10:00 am PST; 22:30 India

Hosted by Stop 5G International

View all the events:

Opinion: Montgomery Council Must Act Now to Protect Residents From 5G Radiation (Maryland Matters)

Maryland Matters – March 6, 2020

“The next generation in wireless telecommunications is just around the corner, the experts tell us, and the telecom companies that will sell us this technology promise that 5G wireless will do amazing things.

But here’s the most amazing thing of all: The Federal Communications Commission is doing everything in its power to ensure the rapid deployment of 5G transmitters in every community across the United States — but has simply refused to update their outdated, 24-year-old cell tower radiation limits, though modern evidence raises significant concerns about them. And Montgomery County recently decided not to intervene in an appeal filed by the Environmental Health Trust before the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, in effect allowing this roll-out to proceed without demanding an honest review by the FCC of the evidence on human health.”

Read the full letter at Maryland Matters