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Added March 30, 2021:You may now use our Action Network Oppose ZTA 19-07 Email Letter to send your own emails quickly to the entire MoCo Council.

Montgomery County Take Action--Things you can do (section last updated 8/6/21)

  1. Take Action: MoCo Council voted to pass ZTA 19-07 despite HUGE resident opposition over many years. Join us to continue the fight to protect MoCo neighborhoods. Email Council Now!
  2. Find current and/or proposed Cell Antenna/Tower locations:
    • view the Cell Tower Locations & Applications Page
    • Download the excel database
    • Sort by "city" then scroll to find your city. You may find it helpful to sort by other columns such as installation location or site name.
    • Applications are made for things like new installs, upgrades, swaps, etc.

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Takoma Park Info (section last updated 1/21/21)

Takoma Park Residents Organize for Strong Protections Against Small Cells Being Placed in Close Proximity to Homes, Schools, Child Care Centers: Many of us attended the Teach-In November 30, 2018 organized by Community Vision For Takoma (CVT) on the health, safety, and equity issues around small cell towers and related new 5G technology, and very actively advocated for strong provisions in the City’s related new ordinance to protect the public interests as rigorously as possible. We worked to help make sure the regulations to implement the new ordinance are also as strong as possible.

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URGENT Maryland Alert: Wireless Telecom Facilities must stay under Municipal Control! OPPOSE bills that aim to strip away local authority and control!

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The FCC plans to amend an old Over-The-Air-Reception-Device (OTARD) rule to allow wireless companies to place 5G transmitters on private homes in your neighborhood, with no notice, no hearing, no opportunity for you to do anything about it. The FCC is supposed to work for the people, not the wireless companies. Please call Congressman Frank Pallone at (202) 225-4671 and ask him to hold hearings on the OTARD rule and stop the FCC! UPDATE: The FCC Has Updated the O.T.A.R.D. Rule.

It's time for the FCC to stop using taxpayer dollars to promote the interests of wireless companies and instead fulfill its mission to protect the health and safety of the American people.

Global Info

Ben Levi, Joe Sandri, Arthur Firstenberg and Julian Gresser discuss the growing problem of 5G satellites in space and what can be done. Presented by Americans for Responsible Technology. For more information, please visit 5GCrisis.com.