Cell Tower Locations & Applications

Montgomery County, MD Cell Antenna and Tower Information

Fore information on current installations and proposed installations you can search the Montgomery County Tower Database which is published/updated daily on the Montgomery County Transmission Facilities Coordination Group (TFCG) website, although it is difficult to find and use. (We provide a viewing copy below).

On the Tower Locations page, you will see two database links. The first link is for an excel spreadsheet which is the database that you can download. This database is updated daily so in order to view the most recent database you need to go to their website and download a fresh copy. The file name has the published date included.

The second link is to a data visualizer which has a map function that could be useful as it provides another way to find and view the applications. We have created a video demo for using the visualizer.


We update the below viewer window to the county database link a couple of times per month. If you want the latest excel database published by the county, you need to get it directly from the Tower Locations page.

Excel viewer: "MC Database 09_09_22.xlsx". At the lower right corner of the viewer you can expand to view full-size workbook. You may find it easier to download and view the document on your desktop which makes it easier to sort the columns. (Remember: To ensure you are viewing the latest information, go directly to the Tower Locations page and download the latest excel database. It is updated very frequently--sometimes daily.) If you sort by city, you can view applications for your location. You may find it helpful to sort by other columns such as "SiteName".

Montgomery County Links
Telecommunication Facility Coordination Group (TFCG)


Antenna ZTA Map. GIS Map has layers you can toggle on/off and there is NO indication that the data is up to date.* Use this map to get an idea of how many thousands of new wireless "small" cell tower locations near our bedroom windows were just handed over to Big Wireless at MoCo resident expense.

  • mcatlas.org/antennazta/
  • CANCEL the sign-in to get access
  • click OK to the next pop-up prompt
  • scroll down @ left to REMOVE any pre-set layers
  • scroll down FURTHER @ left to choose the <30–foot street light pole layers
  • CAUTION: the about/info link has links to very outdated MoCo gov web pages.
  • *Concerned residents: email Mr. McGovern and ask for up-to-date data and process transparency. Info box on the map says "For questions relating to this website and the underlying data displayed, please contact Christopher McGovern from the Montgomery County Planning Department. mailto:christopher.mcgovern@montgomeryplanning.org"

TFCG | ZTA Web Site (Broken link. Content appears to have been removed from site.)

Montgomery County TFCG website has information including background on ZTA 18-11 which failed to pass thanks to strong resident opposition. Other documents in PDF and EXCEL formats can be found there including tower application information, and a tower database excel document



UPDATE July 2021. Strand Mounted Antennas are coming to Montgomery County. Residents sent their e-mail letters of concern especially for the locations in front of schools. The applications were approved anyway. Residents are not permitted to participate in these meetings. The strand map link has been removed from the MoCo web page, but you can access it here: https://columbiatelecom.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=60398e1b8f834c7b98e3f69d347e4e53. We have no way of knowing if this link will provide up to date information on strand antenna applications or locations. We believe that these antenna applications are included in the main MoCo databases below, but there is no way to tell what type of antenna the application is for without reading the antenna details in the linked PDF document.

This section is an attempt to document what has been removed from MoCo gov website.


DPS Dataset

MoCo resident advocates demanded for over a decade that this dataset, which is required in the regulation, be made available to the public. Access was finally granted in late 2019 so only data from that point forward is supplied. The data shows each wireless antenna facility and the corresponding TFCG application. Follow the visualizer directions in the demo video for a dynamic view of the data.



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