Map visualization of two Montgomery Co. Transmission Facilities Coordination Group (TFCG) data sets.

To help the public find and understand the tower applications received by the Montgomery County Transmission Facilities Coordination Group (TFCG), we have created a custom map visualization, viewable on this web page. The two County data sets loaded are the Wireless Siting Application Database–dataMontgomery version (orange nodes) and the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) data set (blue nodes)*. Both of these data sets show up on the map as layers that can be toggled on and off as you wish. You can interact with the data presented by zooming in on a location and hovering over a node, then clicking the nodes for more information.

Use the direct link to this saved custom visualization if there are problems viewing or you want the widest available format.

Department of Permitting Services (DPS) data set. Since telecommunications facility coordination regulations were first adopted in 2003, these regulations have required a database that documents where each wireless facility is located. And for many years residents have complained that the TFCG database only documents wireless applications, but not the locations of the actual, permitted wireless installations. Finally, in late 2019, the County produced that dataset. The data shows each existing wireless antenna facility and the corresponding TFCG application.

Watch this video demo to learn how to create your own visualization from the dataMontgomery data base. Button option two on the Montgomery County TFCG Wireless Siting Application Database Page.